• Discovery of WASP-113b and WASP-114b, two inflated hot-Jupiters with contrasting densities. [14/7/2016]
  • Deciphering the bipolar planetary nebula Abell 14 with 3D ionization and morphological studies using observations from the 2.3m Aristarchos telescope. [02/02/2016]
  • Evidence for rapid variability in the optical light curve of the Type Ia SN 2014J detected with the 2.3m Aristarchos telescope. [17/12/2015]





" The earth revolves about the sun in the circumference of a circle, the sun lying in the middle of the orbit, and the sphere of the fixed stars, situated about the same center as the sun, is so great that the circular orbit of the earth is as small as a point compared with that sphere [Aristarchus of Samos c. 270 BCE]."