Vernikos-Eugenidis optical CCD imaging camera (VEC)

This camera, funded through the "ARISTEIA" program undertaken by the "X-ray & Cosmology group" and the "Eugenides Foundation". It is constructed by the Astronomical Research Cameras, Inc. and it consists of a 4096 x 4096 (15 microns) Fairchild, back illuminated chip. It is a liquid nitrogen CCD, giving a fov of 10’x10’ (side port).

Model: Astronomical research cameras, Inc, GENIII
CCD sensor:
Fairchild imaging CCD486, back-illuminated, Grade 1
CCD Format:
4096x4096, 15 micron pixel size (~0.17")
CCD field of view:
10 arcmin
Coating: AR coating (300-1100 nm)
Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
Installation: AGU's side port (current use ~10' FOV)
AGU's side port + focal reducer (future use ~30' FOV)