Telescope Information

Telescope Features (without instruments)
Weight (moving parts):
29 tons
Total weight :
34 tons
Weight (tube):
14 tons
Weight (altazimuth platform):
7,4 tons
Weight (primary mirror):
2,617 tons
Weight (secondary mirror):
0,108 tons
Mounting system:
Altazimuth with 6 drives per axis
Balancing system:
Automated (ATB)
Encoding system:
2 tape encoders/axis (0.02" resolution)
Optical system:
Primary mirror diameter:
2280 mm
Focal ratio (primary):
Secondary mirror diameter:
740.7 mm
Focal ratio (secondary):
Final focal ratio:
Optical aperture:
2200 mm
Focal length:
17714.45 mm (corrected FOV) 17630.05 mm (uncorrected FOV)
Field of view RC-corrected:
1.04 deg (diameter 321.6 mm)
Field of view uncorrected:
10.1' (diameter 52.8 mm)
Field of view (side port):
10.01' (diameter 52.3 mm)
Image scale:
1" = 85 microns (11.7"/mm)
Image quality on axis:
< 0.35" (80% encircled energy, 350 nm - 1000 nm)
Focusing accuracy:
+/- 0.005 mm (secondary mirror movement)
Travel range:
+/- 10 mm (focusing mechanism)
Acquisition and Guiding Unit (AGU)
Module 1: 2 off-axis autoguiders
Module 2: 4 side ports for instruments (uncorrected field)
Module 3: 1 main port for science instruments (RC-corrected field)
Control System
Manual Mode
Automatic Mode
Including advance activity scheduling
Remote control mode
Including planetarium mode
Levels of safety
3 (software, signal, hardware limits)
Range of movement:
+/- 200 deg (in azimuth) Resonant frequencies:
16 Hz (fork), 21 Hz (tube)
Range of movement:
+/- 90 deg (in altitude) Total weight capacity:
up to 300 kg of instrumentation
Rate of movement:
max 2 deg per second (in azimuth) Cassegrain weight capacity:
up to 300 kg of instrumentation
Rate of movement:
max 2 deg per second (in altitude) Side port weight capacity:
up to 100 kg of instrumentation
Pointing accuracy:
<4" up to zenith distances of 70 deg Operating temperature range:
-10 C to +35 C
Tracking accuracy:
<0.5" in 10 min, 2" in 1 hr (open loop) Operating humidity range:
up to 80% relative humidity
Tracking accuracy:
<0.25" in 10 min, 0.5" in 1 hr (closed loop) Wind tolerance:
up to 15 m/s (in operation)
Rotator tracking accuracy:
0.25" in 10 min, 0.5" in 1 hr Earthquake resistance: up to 2 m/sec2 in any direction
Radius of zenith blind spot: 2 deg